Josep Puigmartí-Luis先生 ご訪問

Josep 先生(スイス連邦工科大学チューリッヒ校)が研究室を訪問されました。
先端科学技術推進機構主催でJosep Puigmartí-Luis先生の講演会を開催しました。

開催日時:2017年12月5日(火) 14:40~16:10
開催場所:関西大学 千里山キャンパス 第4学舎1号館 3階 ゼミナール室Ⅰ
講演者:Dr. Josep Puigmartí-Luis
演題:Controlled Self-assembly and Materials Engineering in Flow
講演内容: For chemists and material scientists the self-assembly process into intricate and functional structures is commonly studied chemically coding the constituent molecular building blocks, e.g. changing functional groups and/or appended moieties. However, even though there are many reported studies showing the successful assembly of functional man-engineered structures, there is a constant need to explore new technologies that can aid in controlling self-assembly, regardless of the molecular units employed. In this context, diffusion-control microfluidic methods will be introduced in this seminar as a top-down strategy to ease the design of self-assembly structures and to manipulate self-assembled processes in time and space