Recent Publications

  1. S. Saita, and H. Kawasaki*
    Carbon nanodots with controlled N structure by solvothermal method for generation of reactive oxygen species under visible light
    Luminescence, 38,127–135(2023).
  2. N. Mori, H. Kawasaki*, E. Nishida, Y. Kanemoto, H. Miyaji, J. Umeda and K. Kondoh 
    Rose bengal-decorated rice husk-derived silica nanoparticles enhanced singlet oxygen generation for antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation. 
    J. Mater. Sci., 58, 2801–2813 (2023).
  3. O. Takuma, D. Dechojarassri, S. Kakinoki, H. Kawasaki, T. Furuike, and H. Tamura *
    Microwave-assisted AgNP incorporation into chitosan-alginate hydrogels for antimicrobial applications
    J. Funct. Biomater., 14, 199 (2023).
  4. S. Saita, K. Niwa, Y. B. Pottathara, and H. Kawasaki*
    Highly bright full color emission from dye doped silica nanoparticles with prevention of dye self quenching
    Opt. Mater., 139,113803(2023).

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