My experience won an award at the 40th Japan society of natural disaster science academic lecture

Written by Karina A. Sujatmiko, Okumura Lab D2

On September 11th and 12th 2021, the 40th conference of Japan society of natural disaster science (JSNDS) was held. There are 9 session covering various topic related to disaster, such as earthquake, river, etc. In this conference, beside Japanese session they also prepare the international session. The participants in the international session were coming from various country and brought out diverse research topics.

The topic that I was presenting in the conference was about “Analysis of Evacuation Generation Process during the 2018 Palu Tsunami”. My presentation is part of my doctoral dissertation, so presenting this topic to the academic community was a valuable opportunity for me. I’ve been working on my research for almost 2 years, so I was eager to present all the result.

There were 4 students from Okumura laboratory who joining this conference, 2 master student (Takai Tamaki and Haruka Ishida) and 1 undergraduate student (Kenji Yamazaki).

Fortunately, before the conference we had discussion together with Okumura sensei. During this discussion we brush up our presentation. One of the advices for me was how to simplify my presentation. Considering that the presentation time only 10 minutes, it was very crucial to select which part need to be included. I need to summary all the important information and visualize that into a good graph so people can easily understand.

At first, I did not have any intention to get achievement from this conference. However, the encouragement from Okumura sensei gave me some motivation. He also reminded me that I needed to present according to the allotted time, speak slowly and clearly. Before presentation, I was a bit nervous since English is not my native language. However, I always force myself to be confidence and believe in myself. I always keep it on my mind that I don’t have to be ashamed when I make a mistake, yet instead it will be a good lesson for me in the future.

I was very grateful when I became the winner of the 40th Academic Lecture Presentation Excellence Award. Especially, knowing that all the others participant ware also presents interesting presentation. It is very nice that my hard work was acknowledged by the academic society. This winning motivates me to work harder and better in the future. I hope this won’t be my last, instead this being an opening gate for me to achieve more award in the future.

Memorial photo with Haruka