English Summary of Events for Muography Art 2017.9. – 2018.9.

Sate 1

1. Exhibit:  Muography Graphic Art Exhibition 2017 held at Grand-front OSAKA, Osaka City , 2017.9.5-11, along with several workshops and lectures of Prof. Tanaka and Prof Hayashi.

2. Exhibit:  Muography Painting Exhibition of Kansai Univ. students held at Grand-front OSAKA, Osaka-city, 2017.10.5-10.

3. Exhibit:  Muography Art Digital Animation Exhibition of Kansai Univ. students held at Grand- front OSAKA, Osaka-city, 2017.9.5-10.30.

4. Exhibit:  Muography Art Introduction of Kansai Univ. student’s works on the “Anago Summit”  at Sakai-city, 2017.11.4-5.

5. Exhibit:  Fusion of 8K technology and Oilpainting art, mainly using Hiroshi Nakajima painter’s muography art, exhibited at the Osaka-city hall lobby, March 7, 2018.

Stage 2

6. Exhibit:  Muography Oilpainting Exhibition of Kansai Univ. Stutent held at “Big-University of Granfront Osaka Knowledge Capital”, Osaka-city, 2018.4.18-19.

7. Exhibit:  Muography Oilpainting Art Exhibition  1 held at East Art Museum, Okayama-city,  ”A Gift from Outer Space”,  2018.5.3-5.5.

8. Exhibit:  Answer from the universe, “Vision Towards the Horizons of Science & Art through Muography”, held at Tama Art University Museum, Tama-city, 2018.5.19-6.17.

9. Exhibit:  Muography experience by using the motion base simulator at the booth of Knowledge Capital hall 2F of Grand-front Osaka, Osaka-city, 2018.6.1-8.31.

10. Exhibit:  CHAUSUYAMA MUOGRAPHY ART Exhibition held at Chausuyama Gallery, Osaka-city, ”A Gift from Outer Space”, 2018.7.10-15.

11. Exhibit:  Muography Oilpainting Art Exhibition 2  held at East Art Museum, Okayama-city,  ”A Gift from Outer Space”,  2018.8.17-19.

12. Exhibit:  Collaboratin between Muography Art and Ink Painting held at Hyogo Prefecture Citizen hall, Kobe-city, along with two lectures of Prof. Tanaka and Dr. Nakajima, 2018.9.22-26. 

13. Exhibit: http://muographers2018.muographers.org/conference/, 2018.11.28-12.1
Poster: Muography Art Exhibition, December 2018 -Gift from Outer space-, 2018.11.30