8Kモニターとアートの融合、大阪市庁舎ロビーで公開 中島裕司画家のミュオグラフィアート Fusion of 8K Technology and Art, open to the Osaka city hall lobby, March 7, 2018.














写真の絵は、8K画面を直接撮影したものできめ細かさと臨場感がこれまでのモニターでは表現できない”すごさ”です。2018.3.8 角谷記


Through an industry-university collaboration between the Muography Art Project at Kansai University  and the electronics firm, Sharp Ltd., exciting advances in art expression have been achieved using the new technology of so-called 8K color monitors.
On March 7, 2018, the Muography Art of the well-known Osaka artist, Hiroshi Nakajima, was displayed in the lobby of the Osaka City Hall as a part of an event to attract the World’s Expo 2025. The exhibition was held primarily to display the superb quality of super-high-definition digital images using such monitors. One visitor remarked that the event was an excellent example of the fusion of art and technology, using the power of the 8K monitor. The fine grain of the digital displays makes the realism “impeccable” in a way that cannot be achieved through the lower resolution technology of conventional displays.
K. Sumiya