WBC Virtual 2020(オンライン)

WBC Virtual 2020で大高さん、Ohさん(D3)、中野君(M2)が研究成果を報告しました。

  • A. OTAKA, T. YAMAGUCHI, R. SAISHO, T. HIRAGA, Y. IWASAK, Bone targeting phospholipid polymers to solubilize lipophilic anticancer drugs.
  • S. HIRANPHINYOPHAT, Y. ASAUMI, S. FUJII, Y. IWASAKI, Preparation of a bifonazole loaded emulsion stabilized with cellulose nanocrystals bearing polyphosphoesters for topical applications
  • H. Nakano, Y. Iwasaki, Durable lubricant surfaces generated cross-linked zwitterionic polymer brushes support on a solid surface