LEAP-Asia 2019 Workshop (2019/3/13-3/15)


LEAP (Liquefaction Experiment and Analysis Project) is an international collaboration project aiming at validating both experimental and analytical methods to study liquefaction related phenomena.
The project is partially supported by the the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (MEXT), Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) (17H00846, 2017-2019) in Japan “Collaborative research: Validation of centrifuge and numerical modeling for dynamic behavior of civil infrastructure under earthquakes,” and National Science Foundation (NSF)  in USA (award number 1635307, 2016-2020)”Collaborative Research: Validation of Constitutive and Numerical Modeling Techniques for Soil Liquefaction Analysis.”

Participating institutes and representative person
1 Ehime University, Japan, Prof. Mitsu Okamura
2 George Washington University, USA, Prof. Majid Manzari
3 IFSTTAR, France, Dr. Sandra Escoffier
4 KAIST, Korea, Prof. Dong-soo Kim, TC104 Chair
5 Kyoto University Dr. Kyohei Ueda/Dr. Tetsuo Tobita/Kansai University, Japan
6 National Central University, Taiwan, Dr. Wen-Yi Hung
7 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA, Prof. Mourad Zeghal
8 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Dr. Ajiro Takemura
9 University of California Davis, USA, Prof. Bruce Kutter
10 University of Cambridge, UK, Prof. Gopal Madabuhshi
11 Zhejiang University, China, Dr. Yan-Guo Zhou

Internet meting in 2018

Dec. 5,  numerical team
Nov. 29,  numerical team
Nov. 26,  numerical team
Nov. 10,  experiment team
Sept. 28,  experiment team
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April 2o, numerical team