Chemical industries rely heavily on separation technology. Surprisingly, 40% of energy consumption can be allocated to separation processes. In addition, for construction of new plants, 40 to 70 % of capital investments are spent on separation technology. Hence, it is very important to reduce the energy intensity and CO2 emissions. Adsorption and membrane separation have potential advantages because of their energetically merits and high selectivity, providing sustainability of resources. The Tanaka Group’s research interests and expertise lie at the nexus of nanomaterials and separation. The most advanced nanostructured porous materials “zeolites, metal organic frameworks (MOF) and mesoporous solids” are studied for new or improved separation processes. This includes materials development, materials characterization, the understanding of thermodynamics of adsorption and transport phenomena, separation test in lab scale setups and modeling. Please visit the RESEARCH page to learn more.



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