The 15th International Symposium in Science and Technology 2021で研究発表しました。

D2一瀬涼さん、M1神原大樹さん、刑部真以さんがISST2021でポスター発表しました(2021.8.6 Online)。

R. Ichinose, S. Yamasaki-Yashiki, Y. Katakura, “Highly efficient cultivation of lactic acid bacteria that does not produce lactic acid”

D. Kambara, H. Nagai, S. Yamasaki-Yashiki, Y. Katakura, “Avoiding oxygen damage in high efficiency culture of lactic acid bacteria”

M. Gyobu, H. Sasaki, J. Kunisawa, Y. Katakura, S. Yamasaki-Yashiki, “Immunostimulatory effects of membrane vesicles produced by the lactic acid bacterium Limosilactobacillus antri