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A New Visitor

Keita Abe, a Ph.D. student from Molecular Robotics Lab., Tohoku University has joined our lab. He’ll stay with us for a week to conduct a joint project on the mid-term demonstration for KAKENHI “Molecular Cybernetics”.

A New Visitor

Kayla Ng Hoi-Lam from The Chinese University of Hong Kong has joined our group. She will stay with us for two months and conduct a research project on DNA origami and artificial cells.

Qing won JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Qing‘s application to JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship has been accepted! He will get two-years’ contract as JSPS Research Fellow, together with KAKENHI grant-in-aid just for him. Congrats!

Short Review Article Published in Seibutsu Butsuri

A short review article on our “Molecular Swarm Robot” written by Jakia from Dr. Kakugo‘s group (Hokkaido Univ.) has been published in Seibutsu Butsuri, the bulletin of the Biophysical Society Japan. Molecular Swarm Robot Realized by the Intelligence of a Biomolecular Motor System and DNAJakia Jannat Keya, Akinori Kuzuya, Akira KakugoSeibutsu Butsuri, 2021, 61 (5),… Read More »

New Member Joined

Dr. Qing Liu from Prof. Baoquan Ding’s lab at National Center fro Nanoscience and Technology, China, has arrived in Osaka today. He will join our NEDO AI Co-creation project as a postdoc.

New Member Joined

Prof. Dr. Masayuki Endo, the leading DNA origamist in Japan, today joined our lab as a Specially Appointed Professor. His office and the lab are on the 4th floor of Frontier Sciences Core (FSC).

Original Paper Published in ACS Applied Bio Materials

An original paper Aki co-authored has been published online today: Postoperative Adhesion Prevention Using a Biodegradable Temperature-Responsive Injectable Polymer System and Concomitant Effects of the Chymase InhibitorYuta Yoshizaki, Takuya Nagata, Soichiro Fujiwara, Shinji Takai, Denan Jin, Akinori Kuzuya, and Yuichi Ohya*ACS Appl. Bio Mater. 2021, 4 (4), 3079-3088. (DOI: 10.1021/acsabm.0c01467)

Original Paper “Application of DNA Quadruplex Hydrogels Prepared from Polyethylene Glycol-Oligodeoxynucleotide Conjugates to Cell Culture Media”

Our paper on an attempt to apply DNA Quadruplex Hydrogels to cell culture substrate has been published on Polymers journal with open access. “Application of DNA Quadruplex Hydrogels Prepared from Polyethylene Glycol-Oligodeoxynucleotide Conjugates to Cell Culture Media” Shizuma Tanaka, Shinsuke Yukami, Yuhei Hachiro, Yuichi Ohya,* Akinori Kuzuya* Polymers 2019, 11, 1607. (DOI: 10.3390/polym11101607)