Scope & Topics

CYBCONF is a conference of Technical Committees of Cybernetics in the SMC Society. The scope of these include such areas as computational intelligence, computer vision, neural networks, genetic algorithms, machine learning, fuzzy systems, cognitive systems, decision making, and robotics, to the extent that they contribute to the theme of cybernetics or demonstrate an application of cybernetics principles. If your research keywords are close to any of the following research topics, submit your paper to CYBCONF to exchange the state-of-the-art techniques in the Cybernetics.

Awareness Computing
Brain-Inspired Cognitive Systems
Big Data Computing
Cognitive Situation Management
Computational Collective Intelligence
Computational Cybernetics
Computational Intelligence
Computational Life Science
Computational Psychophysiology
Cyber-Medical Systems
Cyber-Enabled World
Cybernetics For Cyber-Physical Systems
Evolving Intelligent Systems
Granular Computing
Information Assurance & Intelligent Multimedia-Mobile Communications
Intelligent Industrial Systems
Intelligent Internet Systems
Intelligent Vehicular Systems & Control
Knowledge Acquisition In Intelligent System
Machine Learning
Medical Informatics
Quantum Cybernetics
Social And Economic Security
Social Computing And Social Intelligence
Soft Computing