As a new attempt for internationalization, this year, we will share the technical sessions with JSAI2021. Both participants can attend the technical sessions with each other, freely. We hope that both participants will deepen discussions and exchanges with each other.
Program of international sessions on JSAI2021


CYBCONF2021 uses a shared workspace with JSAI2021 in Slack for communication and discussion among the conference participants. Please join the workspace from the Slack invitation link, unless you have joined it yet.

Program of CYBCONF2021

SS-1: Synergy among Machine Learning, Computational Optimization, and Human Awareness / General Session – A
June 8 (Tuesday), 13:20-15:00
Session Chair: Miho Ohsaki, Kei Ohnishi, Jun Yu

#3: Enhancing multi-objective chaotic evolution algorithm using an estimated convergence point
Fengkai Guo (The University of Aizu)*; Yan Pei (The University of Aizu)

#5: Towards learning Hierarchical Structures with SyncMap
Tham Yik Foong*; Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas (Kyushu University)

#16: Acquiring Consensus Solutions by Multi-human-agent-based Evolutionary Computation
Hironao Sakamoto (Kyushu Institute of Technology)*; Koutaro Nakamoto (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Kei Ohnishi (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

SS-2: Machine Learning Application to Medical Engineering
June 8 (Tuesday), 15:20-17:00
Session Chair: Kento Morita, Yuki Shinomiya

#15: Automatic osteomyelitis area estimation in head CT using anomaly detection
Hideaki Hoshino (Mie University)*; Kento Morita (Mie University); Daisuke Takeda (Kobe University Hospital); Takumi Hasegawa (Kobe University Hospital); Tetsushi Wakabayashi (Mie University)

#22: Predictors of Intracerebral Hematoma Enlargement Using Brain CT Images in Emergency Medical Care
Kazunori Oka (University of Hyogo)*; Takumi Hirahara (University of Hyogo); Yasunobu Nohara (Kumamoto University); Sozo Inoue (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Koichi Arimura (Kyushu University); Koji Iihara (National Cerebral and Cadiovascular Center), Syoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)

#27: Automatic benign and malignant estimation of bone tumors using deep learning
Kaito Furuo (Mie University)*; Kento Morita (Mie University); Tomohito Hagi (Mie University Hospital); Tomoki Nakamura (Mie University Hospital); Tetsushi Wakabayashi (Mie University)

#34: Improving Individually Selectness for Immune Cells using GradCAM
Shoya Kusunose (Kochi University of Technology)*; Yuki Shinomiya (Kochi University of Technology); Takashi Ushiwaka (Kagoshima University); Nagamasa Maeda (Kochi Medical School); Yukinobu Hoshino (Kochi University of Technology)

Late Breaking Research Session – A
June 8 (Tuesday), 17:20-19:00
Session Chair: Emi Yuda

#LB1: Prediction of mTSS in Rheumatoid Arthritis of Hand: A Comparison of Approaches Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Kohei Nakatsu (University of Hyogo)*; Kento Morita (Mie University); Daisuke Fujita (University of Hyogo); Syoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)

#LB2: Toward Simulation Analysis of Subsidy Payment Policies Amid COVID-19 Pandemic: Multi-Objective Optimization in Agent-Based Simulation
Yusuke Goto (Shibaura Institute of Technology)*; Hisashi Ichikawa (Iwate Prefectural University); Hiroyuki Morita (Osaka Prefecture University); Yasuyuki Shirai (Daito Bunka University)

#LB3: Estimation of the pelvic fracture degree using 3-D CT images and a 3-D Convolutional Neural Network
Naoto Yamamoto (University of Hyogo)*; Daisuke Fujita (University of Hyogo); Rashedur Rahman (University of Hyogo); Naomi Yagi (Himeji Dokkyo University); Keigo Hayashi (Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital); Akihiro Maruo (Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital); Hirotsugu Muratsu (Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital); Shoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)

#LB4: Development of system to design the patient specific injection template for uterine cancer treatment
Mutsumi Yamada (Mie University)*; Kento Morita (Mie University); Ryuichi Yada (Anjo Kosei Hospital); Shuhei Sekii (Kita-Harima Medical Center); Tetsushi Wakabayashi (Mie University)

#LB5: Can deep-learning predict pediatric brain age from CT images?
Ren Morita (University of Hyogo)*, Saya Ando (Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki General Medical Center), Daisuke Fujita (University of Hyogo), Manabu Nii (University of Hyogo), Kumiko Ando (Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital), Reiichi Ishikura (Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital), Syoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)

SS-3: Special Session on Computational Awareness / General Session – A
June 9 (Wednesday), 9:00-10:40
Session Chair: Junyu Dong, Hui Yu, Qiangfu Zhao, Shu Zhang, Goutam Chakraborty, Tadahiko Murata, Robert Kozma

#11: A CNN Approximation Method Based on Low-bit Quantization and Random Forests
Sho Yatabe (The University of Aizu); Sora Isobe (The University of Aizu); Yoichi Tomioka (The University of Aizu)*; Hiroshi Saito (The University of Aizu); Yukihide Kohira (The University of Aizu); Qiangfu Zhao (The University of Aizu)

#18: Social Awareness from Analysis of Available Time for Automated External Defibrillators in a City
Tadahiko Murata (Kansai University)*; Atsuki Fukushima (Kansai University); Takuya Harada (Aoyama Gakuin University); Mie Sasaki (University of Tokyo)

#25: Stabilization of the Modular Selective Neural Network Model Based on Inter-Class Correlation
Chowdhury Md Intisar (The University of Aizu)*; Kai Su (The University of Aizu); Huitao Wang (The University of Aizu); Qiangfu Zhao (The University of Aizu)

#33: Agent-Based Simulation for Avoiding the Congestions of Tourists
Tadahiko Murata (Kansai University)*; Kohei Totsuka (Kansai University)

JSAI 2021 Invited Speaker
June 9 (Wednesday), 11:00-12:10
Session Chair: Naohiro Matsumura

When AI Meets the Oldest Engineering Discipline
Renate Fruchter (Stanford University)

General Session
June 9 (Wednesday), 13:20-15:00
Session Chair: Yusuke Goto

#6: Parameter Optimization via CMA-ES for Implementation in the Active Control of Magnetic Pillar Arrays
Suparat Gaysornkaew (Kyushu University)*; Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas (Kyushu University); Fujio Tsumori (Kyushu University)

#13: Preliminary Results for Subpopulation Algorithm Based on Novelty (SAN) Compared with the State of the Art
Yuzi Jiang (South China University of Technology)*; Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas (Kyushu University)

#24: Relationship between Singing Experience and Laryngeal Movement Obtained by DeepLabCut
Shuri Nakamura (University of Hyogo)*; Naomi Yagi (Himeji Dokkyo University); Naoko Kawamura (Himeji Dokkyo University); Hideki Kashioka (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology); Masayuki Hirata (Osaka University); Hitoshi Maezawa (Osaka University); Toshio Yanagida (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology); Yutaka Hata (University of Hyogo); Yoshitada Sakai (Kobe University)

#29: Lifelong Robot Edutainment based on Self-Efficacy
Rino Kaburagi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)*; Yudai Ishimaru (Tokyo Metropolitan University); Wei Hong Chin (Tokyo Metropolitan University); Akihiro Yorita (La Trobe University); Naoyuki Kubota (Tokyo Metropolitan University); Simon Egerton (La Trobe University)

Late Breaking Research Session – B
June 9 (Wednesday), 15:20-17:00
Session Chair: Emi Yuda

#LB6: Measurement of Autonomic Nervous System Function during Outdoor Rest: Effect of Membrane Structure Sunshade
Emi Yuda (Tohoku University); Junichiro Hayano (Nagoya City University)

#LB7: Privacy of Genome in the era of Massive Medical and Health Database
Itaru Kaneko (Tohoku University); Emi Yuda (Tohoku University)

#LB8: Prediction of ESWL Outcome Using Model-Based Recursive Partitioning
Daisuke Fujita (University of Hyogo); Shimpei Yamashita (Wakayama Medical University); Ryusuke Deguchi (Wakayama Medical University); Syoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)

#LB9: Generative Adversarial Network driven Synthetic Augmentation of Confocal Immunofluorescence Image Segmentation
Daiki Katsuma (Mie University); Hirhoaru Kawanaka (Mie University); V.B. Surya Prasath (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center); Bruce J. Aronow (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center)

#LB10: Artificial Intelligence Driven Video-based Gait Analysis for Cerebral Palsy – Preliminary Evaluation
Shunsuke Okubo (Mie University); Balaji Iyer (University of Cincinnati); V.B.Surya Prasath (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center); Hiroharu Kawanaka (Mie University); Bruce J. Aronow (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center)

#LB11: A research on Visual Outcome Prediction in Macular Hole Using Optical Coherence Tomography Images
Kazuya Imamura (Mie University); Hiroharu Kawanaka (Mie University); Yoko Mase (Mie University Hospital Ophthalmology); Yoshitsugu Matsui (Mie University Hospital Ophthalmology)

SS-1: Synergy among Machine Learning, Computational Optimization, and Human Awareness / General Session – B
June 10 (Thursday), 9:00-10:40
Session Chair: Miho Ohsaki, Kei Ohnishi, Jun Yu

#17: A Feasibility Study on Hand Gesture Recognition in Natural Conversation
Dian Christy Silpani (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Keishi Suematsu (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Kaori Yoshida (Kyushu Institute of Technology)*

#10: Towards Understanding The Space of Unrobust Features of Neural Networks
Liao Bingli (Kyushu University); Takahiro Kanzaki (Kyushu University); Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas (Kyushu University)*

#23: A Proposal of Interactive Tabu Search for Creating Beverage by Blending Source Juices
Makoto Fukumoto (Fukuoka Institute of Technology)*; Gan Haoran (Fukuoka Institute of Technology); Yoshiko Hanada (Kansai University)

#31: Evaluation of the Neural-network-based Method to Discover Sets and Representatives of Nonlinearly Dependent Variables
Miho Ohsaki (Doshisha University)*; Hayato Sasaki (Doshisha University); Naoya Kishimoto (Doshisha University); Shigeru Katagiri (Doshisha University); Kei Ohnishi (Kyushu Institute of Technology); Yakub Sebastian (Charles Darwin University); Patrick Then (Swinburne University of Technology)

Plenary Talk
June 10 (Thursday), 11:00-12:40
Session Chair: Syoji Kobashi

Digital-Twin Fluid Engineering
Shigeru Obayashi (Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University)

SS-3: Special Session on Computational Awareness / General Session – B
June 10 (Thursday), 15:20-16:35
Session Chair: Junyu Dong, Hui Yu, Qiangfu Zhao, Shu Zhang, Goutam Chakraborty, Tadahiko Murata, Robert Kozma

#30: Stock Prediction Using LightGBM Optimized Based on Cost Awareness
Xiaosong Zhao (The University of Aizu)*; Qiangfu Zhao (The University of Aizu)

#32: Forecasting Potential Sales of Bread Products at Stores by Network Embedding
Kohei Takahashi (Iwate Prefectural University)*; Yusuke Goto (Shibaura Institute of Technology)

#35: Estimating the Effect of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Application Using Agent-Based Simulation
Tadahiko Murata (Kansai University)*; Kanta Yamashita (Kansai University)

Closing Ceremony
June 10 (Thursday) 16:35-17:00
Chair: Tadahiko Murata (General Chair of CYBCONF2021)

Award Ceremony:
CYBCONF2021 Program Chair
Syoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)

Closing Remarks:
Vice-President Cybernetics, IEEE System, Man and Cybernetic Society
Enrique Herrera-Viedma (University of Granada)