Polymer materials are well known as three major industrial materials as well as metals and ceramics. The history is much shallower than the other two materials, but it is a very important material that supports today’s life. Applications are expanding day by day, and it is used in a wide range of industrial fields ranging from advanced electronic devices to aerospace fields including films and paints.
 The polymers used in these fields are required to give new functions and higher performance than ever before. Among them, crosslinked polymer (networked polymer) materials are indispensable materials for fields requiring long-term reliability and stability.
 In the Applied Polymer Materials Laboratory, we are developing networked polymer materials with high performance and high functionality that can be used as state-of-the-art materials by controlling the structure at the aggregate level of macromolecules. Particularly, we are conducting research focusing on epoxy resin, and we are actively conducting collaborative research with companies.

Research topics
(1) Development of highly toughness materials using liquid crystal orientation
(2) Development of high thermal conductive material using liquid crystal orientation
(3) Development of electrical conductive composites using Ag nano-fillers
(4) Development of electrical and thermal conductive composites using carbon materials
(5) Synthesis of rigid framework epoxy and development of Tg-less polymer