Our Lab

This lab was established in April, 2018 as Aki promoted to be a full professor.

The research areas of this group are not limited to chemistry, but also include nanotechnology, biotechnology, and a wide range of other fields. Fortunately, we can take advantage of a research environment in which there is almost nothing lacking when combined with equipment owned by the laboratory and common equipment shared by the department. In addition to department-owned electron microscopes (TEM, SEM), the laboratory maintains multiple atomic force microscopes (AFM), total internal reflection fluorescence microscopes (TIRFM), and other state-of-the-art observation equipment that allows us to “observe” molecules directly. A spinning disk confocal microscope (SDCM) with super-resolution microscope (SRM) capability, which enables observation with resolution beyond the diffraction limit of light, has been installed in 2020 with the aid of KAKENHI Grant-in-aid “Molecular Cybernetics”. The laboratory is also able to freely engage in research themes ranging from organic synthesis to cell culture, and even animal experiments.