PI’s Office(Google Map):
Research Wing 1F, Building 2, Campus 4
Ext.: 5921 Tel: 06-6368-0829

Lab 1(Google Map):
Research Wing B1F, Building 2, Campus 4
Ext.: 5730

Lab 2(Google Map):
Rooms B05 and B06, Center for Innovation and Creativity
Ext.: 6044

Prof. Endo’s Office:
Room F45, Frontier Sciences Core
Ext.: 6723

Lab 3:
Room F44 and F47, Frontier Sciences Core
Ext.: 6722

Cranebio Bio-Sensing Lab.:
Room B08, Center for Innovation and Creativity
Ext.: 6047

How to Get to PI’s Office

The brown RIMPUKAN is the first landmark.

When you go the right side of RIMPUKAN, you’ll see this point, the junction between Bldg. 2 and 1. Walk toward there.

You can get into Bldg. 2 (Classrooms Wing) from this entrance.

You’ll find this 2nd automatic doors to Bldg. 4 just inside.

When you go through Bldg. 4, you’ll see the 3rd automatic doors.

Then, you’ll come back to Bldg.2 (but Research Wing) through this 4th automatic doors.

PI’s Office is in the end of this corridor you’ll find in the right hand side just behind the 4th automatic doors.