Our missions: The essential study on structure, strength and function of materials. Development of the methodology in materials evaluation and new materials. Preventing fatal failure of machines and structures.

Now, we all know that the accidents of airplane or nuclear power plants would results in dreadful and fatal disasters. Therefore, the engineering materials must have “strength” enough to endure severe environmental conditions during their working. How do we bring safety for these materials? Our laboratory has a mission to provide our society with some answers from engineering approach.

Keywords are, for instance:

  1. Non-Destructive Testing, Materials Design System, Smart Materials.
  2. Molecular Dynamics, Computational Solid Mechanics. Nano-materials.
  3. Micromaterials, Interface Strength, Fatigue and Cracks.
  4. Powder Metallurgy, Design and Simulation of New Materials.
  5. The strength of Materials and Structures.
  6. etc.

Our research groups.

The “MEMM” laboratory comprises four research groups and they are conducting their specific themes, while the laboratory is being operated as one.

Prof. Takuma’s group (non-destructive testing)

TAKUMA, Masanori Professor

  • evaluation of fatigue and damage
  • function and design of composite materials
  • development of smart structure and materials

Prof. Saitoh’s group (computational solid mechanics and nano-materials)

SAITOH, Ken-ichi Professor

  • molecular dynamics analysis for evaluation of strength and function of materials
  • particle (discrete) simulations for mechanical and physical phenomena
  • application of computational nano-technology

Prof. Takahashi’s group (materials’ strength and experiments)

TAKAHASHI, Yoshimasa Professor

  • mechanism of fatigue in metals
  • experiments and stress analysis of micro-sized materials
  • microstructure analysis and effect on the strength of materials

A.Prof. Sato’s group (materials’ process design and simulation)

SATO, Tomohiro Associate Professor

  • new materials development by the process of powder metallurgy
  • computer-aided evaluation of materials function
  • materials’ design for the function