Program at a Glance

● January 24, Thursday

11:30~12:20 Registration
12:25~12:30 Opening Ceremony SHIBAI Keiji (President of Kansai University)
OHYA Yuichi (Project Leader)
12:30~13:15 PL-1 Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering Regenerative Therapy for
Clinical Applications and Their Advancement
Dr. OKANO, Teruo (Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan, Professor)
13:15~14:00 Poster Presentations
14:00~14:30 O-1 Biodegradable Injectable Polymer Systems Exhibiting
Irreversible Gelation for Biomedical Applications
Dr. OHYA, Yuichi(Kansai University, Professor)
14:30~15:00 IL-1 Design and Applications of Bio-inspired Zwitterionic Interfaces and Membranes Dr. CHANG, Yung(Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, Professor)
15:00~15:30 IL-2 Engineering Star Polymer Based Hydrogels
for Surgical Applications
Dr. NAGATOMI, Jiro (Clemson University, USA, Professor) 
15:30~15:45 Break
15:45~16:00 O-2 Design of Smart Polymers with Dynamic Crosslinks for Cell Regulation Dr. MIYATA, Takashi(Kansai University, Professor)
16:00~16:15 O-3 Requirements of boron compound for neutron capture therapy Dr. MIYATAKE, Shin-Ichi(Osaka Medical College, Professor)
16:15~16:45 IL-3 Interactive Nano/Micro Biomaterials with Cells for Biomedical Applications Dr. MATSUSAKI, Michiya(Osaka University, Japan, Associate Professor)
16:45~17:15 IL-4 Smart Polymer Reagents for In Vitro Diagnostics and Bioprocessing Dr. LAI, James(University of Washington, USA, Research Associate Professor)
17:15~17:30 Greeting
17:30~18:30 Banquet

● January 25, Friday

9:30~10:15 PL-2 In-situ forming hydrogels for therapeutic applications Dr. PARK, Ki Dong (Ajou University, Korea, Professor) 
10:15~10:30 O-4 Functional Evaluation of Cell Aggregation Induced Peptide for 3D cell Culture Dr. HIRANO, Yoshiaki(Kansai University, Professor)
10:30~10:40 Break
10:40~10:50 O-5 Cellular delivery system using temperature-responsive biodegradable injectable hydrogels for ischemic heart diseases Dr. YOSHIZAKI, Yuta(Kansai University, Research Assistant Professor)
10:50~11:00 O-6 Development of macromolecular anti-inflammatory prodrugs
to deliver glucocorticoids to macrophages
Dr. OHTAKA, Akihisa(Kansai University, Research Assistant Professor)
11:00~11:30 IL-5 Fabrication of Freestanding Biofriendly Nanosheets for
Biomedical Applications
Dr. OKAMURA, Yosuke(Tokai University, Japan, Assistant Professor)
11:30~12:00 IL-6 Bio-functional surface and materials for guided bone regeneration Dr. SHIN, Heungsoo(Hanyang University, South Korea, Professor)
12:00~13:00 Lunch
13:00~13:30 IL-7 Controlled Spatiotemporal Signal Presentation within High-Density Cell Culture Systems for Engineering Complex Tissues Dr. ALSBERG, Eben(University of Illinois, USA, Professor)
13:30~13:45 O-7 Goal oriented medical device development
~What do you need for successful medical innovation?~
Dr. NEMOTO, Shintaro(Osaka Medical College, Professor)
13:45~14:00 O-8 Biomedical Applications of Chitin and Chitosan Dr. TAMURA, Hiroshi(Kansai University, Professor)
14:00~14:15 O-9 Gaze tracking as a behavioral biomarker Dr. KOTANI, Kentaro(Kansai University, Professor)
14:15~14:30 O-10 Development of honeycomb microporous covered stents for treatment of large wide-necked cerebral aneurysms
(A successful example of collaboration among medical doctor, material scientist and mechanical engineer)
Dr. TAJIKAWA, Tsutomu(Kansai University, Associate Professor)
14:30~15:00 IL-8 Bioinert MPC polymer for stable enzyme immobilization on mouthguard biosensor in saliva glucose monitoring Dr. TOMA, Koji(Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan, Assistant Professor)
15:00~15:15 Break
15:15~15:45 IL-9 Modifications of Chitosan for Biomedical Applications Dr. CHIRACHANCHAI, Suwabun(Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Professor)
15:45~16:00 O-11 Biodegradable, Intelligent, and Self-Healing Hydrogels
Utilizing DNA Quadruplex Formation
Dr. KUZUYA, Akinori(Kansai University, Professor)
16:00~16:15 O-12 Surface modification using tyrosine oxidation for bioactive medical devices Dr. KAKINOKI, Sachiro(Kansai University, Associate Professor)
16:15~16:30 O-13 Metabolic glycoengineering of macrophages for
the elimination of cancer cells
Dr. IWASAKI, Yasuhiko(Kansai University, Professor)
16:30~17:00 IL-10 Tuning Polymer Design towards Processing and Biomedical Needs Dr. VAN VLIERBERGHE, Sandra(Ghent University, Belgium, Professor)
17:00~17:15 Awards & Closing Ceremony OHYA, Yuichi (Project Leader)

Poster Presentations  Date:January 24, Thuesday 13:15~14:00

Venue:  Centenary Memorial Hall / 1F Hall Lobby

Poster No. Group Title Presenter
PA-1 A Development of hemodynamic characteristics evaluation system for aortic artificial heart valve Takayuki, SHINMAKI
PA-2 A Development of Microporous Covered Stent for Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment
– Influence of Aneurysm Position of Parent Vessel Curvature on Aneurysm Embolization Performance –
Mitsuru, HIRONO
PA-3 A Resistance of protein adsorption and cell adhesion on oligo-proline self-assembled monolayers Yuri, NOGUCHI
PA-4 A Efficient conjugation between AuNP and thiol group in DNA origami by solution freezing Shumpei, ISHIKAWA
PA-5 A Preparation of DNA Quadruplex Nanogels and Their Application to DDS Carriers Kohei, TATSUMI
PA-6 A Synthesis of Phenylboronic Acid-Binding Block Copolymer for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Ryoya, UMEYAMA
PA-7 A Evaluation of temperature-responsive biodegradable injectable polymers having tissue adhesive property Soichiro, FUJIWARA
PA-8 A Thermosensitive Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Polyphosphoester-Grafted Cellulose Nanocrystals Suphatra, HIRANPHINYOPHAT
PA-9 A Thermo-assisted generation of protein-poly(ethylene sodium phosphate) conjugates having high mineral affinity Susita, NOREE
PB-10 B Synthesis and evaluation of cell membrane penetrating peptide for cell imaging Risa, SUSUKIDA
PB-11 B Design of RGDS peptide modified BPA for boron neutron capture therapy Mizuki, AOI
PB-12 B Development of Mixed Reality environment for supporting endoscopic surgical procedure Takeru, KOBAYASHI
PB-13 B Preparation of CM-Chitin Gel for Anesthetic-Prolonged Release Raito, HIRATA
PB-14 B Preparation of Sodium Alginate and Chitosan Gel Containing Carboxymethyl-β-cyclodextrin Atsuki, ONISHI
PB-15 B Design of PEG-modified Nanoparticles That Showed Selective Cellular Uptake for Cancer cell Aoi, UOZUMI
PB-16 B Dynamic Molecular Recognition of Polypeptide Hydrogels that Undergo Helix-Coil Transition Masaaki, KANAZAWA
PB-17 B Synthesis of Stimuli-Responsive Sol-Gel Transition Star Polymers Having Porphyrin for Cell Culture Scaffolds Ayaka, IDE
PB-18 B Noninvasive diagnostic of Pulmonary hypertension Ryotaro, TSUGAWA