Registration is required for attending the conference.

Check in
The reception desk is on the ground floor. Please check in before you participate in sessions.

No Smoking
Smoking is prohibited outside of the designated smoking areas.

No Eating
Eating is prohibited in the lobby and corridor.

“eduroam” ( wireless network is available for visitors during JADH2019 & KU-ORCAS conferences.
If you have your own eduroam accounts, please use them at the conference venue for network access.

If you don’t have any eduroam accounts, don’t worry!  We will provide a free wifi network!


Day-care center for children
Participants can put their children in “DAY-CARE CENTER” from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the conference. Please directly contact the telephone number below, when participants would like to use this nursery.

Nursery “Himawari” (NPO Pastel)
Address: Ryokuchi-Mansion 202, Kasuga 1-4-1, Suita-City, Osaka Prefecture
TEL: 06-6337-8550
Person in Charge: Ota




Floor Map