The Graduate School of Science and Engineering’s Master’s Degree Program offers 9 disciplines including 4 under Engineering Science Major (Mathematics, Pure and Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering), 3 under Environmental and Urban Engineering Major (Architecture, Civil, Environmental and Applied Systems Engineering, and Chemical, Energy and Environmental Engineering), and 2 under Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering Major (Chemistry and Materials Engineering, and Life Science and Biotechnology) in order to endow graduates with specialized knowledge and technological skills. Each major is designed to provide students with the ability to understand the essence of the phenomena behind advanced knowledge and new technologies, the ability to approach technological issues not only from the hardware side but also from the software side, and the ability to apply the functions of materials to various systems and devices against the backdrop of the respective concepts of “system building,” “town-building,” and “manufacturing. The program aims to nurture talented individuals who can lead the next generation of industry on the international stage by cultivating the ability to demonstrate their abilities in the field of science and technology and to elucidate cutting-edge research issues in technological, social systems.

In addition, the Graduate School’s Ph.D. Degree Program consists of the same 9 disciplines under Integrated Science and Engineering Major. The program is designed to endow graduates with exceptional research skills as well as broad knowledge and technological skills that enable them to integrate various research domains.

Kansai University at a Glance

Kansai University, founded in 1886, is a private university with 135 years of history. All of its campuses are located in Osaka. As the largest city in western Japan, Osaka has long been famous as a cultural center. Located about an hour from Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe, Kansai University offers international students the opportunity to encounter a variety of historical and cultural sites while they are pursuing their studies.


Majors and Disciplines

English-based Program

To open the doors to students from overseas, the Kansai University Graduate School of Science and Engineering offers a special entrance examination for students of its overseas partner universities. Refer to the following overview of the Graduate School when applying for admission.


NEWS(International Exchange)
NEWS(International Exchange)